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SumSorts is a bright and original way to make numbers fun! Your child will enjoy learning while playing card games. SumSorts is a specially designed pack of traditional playing cards with a twist. It includes mathematical symbols which can be used to form sums with the cards. The suits are bright colours with easily recognizable shapes; stars, circles, triangles and squares. The picture cards are cute familiar figures, based on bears, dragons, and robots.

With this attractive pack of cards the whole family can enjoy any known card game from simple snap to bridge! The mathematical symbol cards enable many numeracy calculations – Sums! Enjoy the many ways to help your child find confidence with numbers and shapes. From Pre School and beyond, from sorting shapes and numbers to trying simple sums, SumSorts will be a great way to aid your child.

+ Each child can learn at their level and pace
+ All family members can play
+ Can be played individually
+ Aids concentration
+ Involves using social skills
+ Develops children’s ability

There has been a lot of comment in the news recently about falling standards among children of all ages regarding numeracy and literacy skills. Also it has been realized that allowing children to spend a lot of time playing with computers is not helping them with social skills and learning in general. SumSorts is the ideal product to combat these problems, in an enjoyable way.