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Ideas to get you started!
Tip: Remember to come up with some fun names for the character cards!
This is a picture of a young femal cartoon dragon blowing a small flame.

e.g 'Lizzy' or Miss Monster of the Monster family!
For younger children, a simple and fun game can be made by trying to find matching symbols.This will help their sorting ability, shape recognition, sequencing, and memory.

This picture shows 3 cards: 2 with cartoon bears on from the Triangles Suit, and one number5 card from the triangles suit. It illustrates that a child may play a game with the cards where they must find matching symbols.

As childre n progress, simple sums can be made. The child can then find a correct answer card from the pack. This will aid their numeracy skills - adding, subtraction and recall of number bonds.

This picture shows cards being used to make a simple sum: In this case 5 + 3 = 8.

For a slightly older child, or when the normal sums are becoming too easy, try this simple twist... By including the answer, but turning over part of the sum, a simple introduction to equations can be made, swhilst still maintaining an atmosphere of relaxed fun.

This picture shows the cards being used to make a slightly more complicated maths problem. It shows a three, then a plus, then a blank card, then an equals sign, then an eight. The child must work out what the blank card should be.

Traditional Card Games:


Snap is a popular card game in which the object is to collect all the cards. To play snap the whole pack of cards is dealt out among the players in equal stacks, face down so that no one can see the cards. Players take it in turns to remove a card from the top of their stack and place it face-up on a stack in the middle.

If two cards placed consecutively on the pile are of the same number/character, then the players should shout “Snap!” The first player to do so takes all the cards in the middle. Play continues until one player is left with all the cards. Pairs When playing Pairs, all of the cards are placed face-down and players take it in turns to flip over 2 each turn.

The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. When a player turns over matching cards, they take the cards and may take another turn. The object is to have the most cards at the end of the game.


Old Maid

The aim of 'Old Maid' is to avoid being the player who ends the game holding the ‘Old Maid’. To play Old Maid remove three of the ‘Ma’ characters from the deck. The remaining ‘Ma’ is the Old Maid. One of the players is chosen to be the dealer.

The dealer deals the cards as evenly as possible among players. Next, players must sort their cards and discard any pairs. Should a player have ‘three of a kind’, then they can discard 2 and keep the third. Starting with the Dealer, players offer their hand of cards, face-down, to the player on their left. That player takes a card. If it matches one they have already they may discard the pair. Play continues clockwise, continuing until there are no more pairs and one player is left with the ‘Old Maid’



You will need 3-6 players to play Donkey.

To start, make a set of four matching cards per player, (4 ‘Juniors’ or 4 ‘nines’ for example). A Dealer should shuffle the cards and deal four cards face down to each player. All the players sort the cards in their hand and choose one card to discard. They give this card to the player on their left. Play proceeds like this every turn until someone has obtained 4 of a kind. At this point the player puts their cards down as subtley as possible. The other players must put their cards down as soon as possible. The last player to put their cards down is ‘The Donkey’.