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“SumSorts is one pack of attractive, colourful cards that lends itself to a large range of different games." "The games are fun and enjoyable for children and adults and promote family learning, social skills and turn taking. The card games encompass the idea that learning should be fun. I believe that children will be motivated when playing the card games, developing a range of skills without even realizing they are “learning”. There are different games suitable for all ages and abilities, including children with special educational needs. They will help to develop children’s numeracy skills, sorting ability, shape recognition, sequencing, memory, skill with ordering numbers, adding, subtraction and recall of number bonds."

"Games can easily be made harder or easy to challenge or provide
extra support. Children will also thoroughly enjoy being creative and devising their own games. A must-have for every family home to support and enhance school learning in a stimulating context.”

Mathematics Teacher 1st school

“From an early age these cards provide a good and pleasurable way of learning” “Its educational value is many-fold” “The cards can be used by very young children for sorting and identifying, for colour and character recognition and for learning cardinal numbers. Older children will use them to play traditional card games, but due to their unusual and attractive design will, I am sure, use them to invent card games of their own.”

Special Educational Needs Teacher